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Christmas tree out of a can, the trend of Christmas 2009 continues in 2010

The hype for the Christmas period:
A Christmas tree out of a can
It can become the hype of this holiday season: the Christmas tree in a can. It suffices to open the can of 7.50 euro's, watering the earth and a few days later a small Christmas tree germinate. 'The can contains all the necessary nutrients for the tree to grow' according to Thierry Moortgat, who sell the Christmas trees. Such a can is an ideal Christmas gift, because after three weeks, the child has his own little Christmas tree.

A real spruce needs a year or six to grow into a full Christmas tree. But this is rather a desktop model. He is more than 10 to 15 centimeters (3,94 to 5,91 inches). Ideal for brighten your Office in these dark days. Does it need to be trimmed? The Christmas tree is just big enough to gang a little Christmas ball and a little pendulum in it.

Your own Christmas tree from a can. It's something else. Open the can, cover a little water and within a few days to grow your own Christmas tree out. Buy it on

The can contains all the necessary nutrients that plants need to grow. As long as the can isn't opened, can it be stored for several months. You need to give it water if you open it. And after a few days you have a real Christmas tree that is growing.

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Christmas tree out of a can, the trend of Christmas 2009 continues in 2010
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