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When will Top Gear Season 16 start? Will it be in 2010, or do we have to wait until 2011?

The crew of BBC's most popular auto show 'Top Gear' has just ended the 15th season. Now it's just waiting for the 16th season to start. Some say it will be around 2 weeks before Christmas 2010. So the first episode of the new serie will start on December the 12th of 2010 on the BBC. And will be presented as usual by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond en James May. Some questions that are rising: are there any changes in the concept, will the Stig be unmasked and what new cars will they driving, testing and reviewing?

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To Gear is a TV program of the BBC in the UK where they driving fast cars, reviewing cool cars and go crazy with everything that has to do with auto and motor sport.

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