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The Stig of Top Gear on the BBC unmasked?

Top Gear Racer The Stig
Some say that the Stig will unmask his identity because he wants to create more income by making a biographic book of himself. The BBC don't want this because of the enormous popularity of the program. Before this Stig there was another Stig called Bob Willis. He revealed his anonymity 2 years after he entered Top Gear. The producers want to prevent that the new Stig reveal his anonymity. So they wrote this down on an agreement contract 10 years ago.

But who can the Stig be?
Michael Schumacher is been named in the 14th season but that’s seems to be a distraction of the makers of the program.
Some other say that the race driver is Ben Collins. A story tells us that a workman found his outfit in Collins house. And another story tells us that he may betrayed his self in a shop near his place in Bristol. Collins raced for Formula 3 and was a stuntman in several Bond movies.

One thing is for sure: the presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond en James May are real, and they will be famous forever.

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ArchiVision Directory said...

The Stig is indeed revealed as the BBC lost the lawsuit trying to keep him from publishing his book. Ben Collins was The Stig. I think season 16 he will be "killed" like the black Stig was in season 3, and that we'll see a new Stig.

Anonymous said...

And voila... it happened, he was killed... well, actually the Stig had been born again :)

Anonymous said...

They had a black stig, then white, why cant the new 1 be pink!? >.<

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