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Traffic tip: your website in all your mails

Many of you might be wondering how they can get more visitors to their website. Well here's a tip to drive traffic to your website. Maybe you already know this little tip but it works great.

What helps to get more traffic is adding your website in every email you send. Because, you mail to people you know, and they can send your mail to others they know. Your mail can be going around the world, especially if it are funny mails. So you get traffic of people you never can reach with Google. And if you are lucky there will be a webmaster viewing your website and if you are very lucky, he can put a link from your website on his and so your website can be ranked higher. And a higher ranking = more traffic. Don’t forget that people are curious, especially if they know you. People tell friends and colleges that you have a website. And that’s another way to get traffic. People talk a lot about others they know and that's free advertising.

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