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Facebook Places, new function in Facebook

Facebook Places Icon
Do you use already the new function Facebook Places.
A geolocation service of Facebook.

Facebook Places is a new application for Smart Phones that can alert users friends of their current location. It enables people to provide a real-time update of where they are and what they're doing when they're on the move.

Facebook Perspective Icon Logo
Users can also take advantage of unexpected coincidences, such as discovering that they are at the same concert as their friends. Users can 'check in' when they arrive at a location and see whether any of their friends are nearby.

An update will automatically be published to their friends’ News Feeds when a Facebook user checks in to a location. They can also 'tag' friends who are in the same location, either by a photo or a status update.

The service was only available in the US. Until now, Friday November 15the 2010, Facebook launched the tool for almost the whole world now.

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Facebook Places, new function in Facebook

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