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Microsoft Windows 8, a 128 bit platform! Is it going to be real or is it just a hype or a rumor?

Windows 7 just arrived in 2010 and the workers of Microsoft are already busy making a better operating system. It will be known as Windows 8, what else did you expect?

128 bit?!
XP was known as a 32 bit operation system, Windows 7 made 64 bit the standard but Microsoft has plans to make the Windows 8 OS a 128 bit platform.
Here for, your computer has to have an 128 bit architecture to manage the data processes. The question is what for CPU it need to drive on. Will it be a single core 128 bit processor or do you need several 64 bit cores. No panic the 128 bit processor already exists.

What does it means in reality?
First you need more RAM Chips. And new software that is 128 bit compatible including Microsoft's own Office. Now a day there is no such a software available for the masses. Software companies has just made their software 64 bit compatible for Windows 7. Another investment for a 128 bit version of their software seems a little too far.

When does Microsoft Windows 8 arrive?
According to some rumors it will be 2012 until we can expect a public beta version. The question is: will the hardware be good enough adapted to the needs of the new OS. Are do we have to reverse the question: will the new OS be ready in 2012? An ex-Microsoft employee said on a French blog: that Windows 8 RTM will be released on Friday, July 1 in 2011. There are no release dates so far for Windows Server 2012 and Office 2012. We hope to test the beta version in 2010.

Presentation about the concept, look and feeling of the new Microsoft Windows 8 OS

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