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Real-Time Information is going to be the new trend

Binary Digits rules the world
Real-time information is going to be the new sort of information. Today the internet a place to give people info about something they searching for. Many info is now available these days but it’s not always the most recent info. And that is just what people want: the best and newest data. Not only on the internet but just always and everywhere. Company’s and government has to realize this to adopt this new way of communicating with their client. People now a days are living in a fast life. And they want everything live. Twitter and Facebook are the best examples of that. Also more and more live programs and live interviews on the news are getting more valuable. People aren’t satisfied any more with outdated information. If something is a day old, it is old. The World has changes a lot and it does every day, and it goes faster and faster. The words today are: always, every ware and in real-time. And that's what the Internet, gsm's and iPhones does. One day the news-paper will be to old for this society.

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