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Chromium OS by Google, the fastest OS available on the end of 2010

Chromium OS Logo
Google is working hard to get their Chromium OS ready for the end of 2010. The Operating System called 'Chromium' is made for mini laptops but will also work on laptops and PC's. Some Minilaptops and SmartPhone's that are using the Android OS are now getting competition of Google's Chromium OS.

It's made for working with internet based applications that can be accessed through the internet. After you log in, you almost immediately jump in Google's Chrome internet browser.

Chromium will only work on SSD, Solid State Drives like USB-Flash Disks and SD-Cards, it will not support hard-disk drives, for so far we know. Chromium will boot very fast partly because Solid State Drives are faster. In the future mini-laptops will be only available on SSD. The advantages of this are: less power needed and less moving parts that can break.

Google also dropped unnecessary services. So it's loading faster. After 2 seconds you get a login splash screen, type in your Google account name and password and you're set off.

See how Google made it's OS fast and light

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