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'ArchiVision Directory' is a website written in English and Dutch, other languages like French will follow.

'Archi' stands for: Archives.
'Vision' stands for: A certain vision of displaying high-quality articles.
'Directory' stands for: A proprietary file system that contains all the articles on this website.

In 2006 we came up to an idea to make a website with stuff we would like to share with everybody because we wanted to help people who has questions about some topics. We begun with a normal website but that didn't match the preferences we wanted to give to our website. We wanted to have more interaction with our visitors. So in 2009 we moved to Google's BlogSpot service. Now we can interact with our visitors trough comments that can be added to the articles. We always answer the questions as good as possible to help people out with their problems. Everybody is welcome to leave their comments on any article, note that all comments will be moderated by us before they can be published. You can also subscribe to our Blog, Feeds or Twitter to be informed about new articles of this website.


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