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Total Lunar Eclipse tonight, in the night of Monday, December 20th, 2010, the day before winter solstice

Click to see how a Lunar Eclipse arises
Tonight is the night that our moon (our natural satellite), will be vanished. The eclipse will be visible across North America. The eclipse begins at 1:33 am. It will be best viewed on 3:17 am according to the people of NASA. Today is also the shortest day of the year, known as the winter solstice. The winter officially begins on December 21.

A Lunar Eclipse (Moon Eclipse) is not the same as a Solar Eclipse. By a Lunar Eclipse the moon will take a variety of red colors when the Earth stands between the exactly aligned path of the Sun and the Moon. So the Earth will block the Sun's Rays from striking when the Moon passes behind the Earth.

The last total Lunar Eclipse was in August 16 2008. Partial Lunar Eclipses come more frequently. The last one was in June the 26th, 2010.

Lunar Eclipse Live Camera:

For people how missed the Lunar Eclipse or didn't saw it because of the bad weather: Watch the lunar eclipse here, online.

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