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Is your Mac, iPad or iPhone infected with the first Apple-Trojan? The Boonana virus also known as Koobface. Get rid of it!

Keep your Apple healthy
Mac-users didn't have to care about viruses on their computers. Until the Boonana virus appear. It's a Trojan Horse Virus (one of the worst viruses around). A Trojan settle in your system and give access to unauthorized people to break in to your computer system. The virus spreads it's self via social networks.

Not only Mac, iPad and iPhone users have to be careful, it can attack Windows-users to. If you got messages like: 'Is this you in this video?' avoid it, don't click on it if you get such a link. Good to know is that the Boonana virus is also known as Koobface.

Luckily there is a free tool made by SecureMac to detect the Boonana Trojan and cleans it easily.
Download here the SecureMac security tool
Your computer can already be infected with this Boonan Trojan so it's wise to check the SecureMac tool.

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ArchiVision Directory said...

I hope that viruses like this one is not the beginning of many viruses on MAC PC's and iPhone. Because Apple wins more and more clients. Viruses designed for Windows grow more and more when there were more and more Windows users. I hope this isn't going to happen with al the Apple systems.

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