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Today's digital inventions that changed our way of living, the history of tomorrow...

Binary digits in a digital time of computers.
The digital world of today changed our way of communication extremely. Now a day we can't image a world without computers, the internet or our GSM. All of these digital things has changed the way we live. Here's a little list of tomorrow's history...

The Computer
The digital era begins all with the computer founded in 1938. Back in the days computers where slow and you needed a big room to store all the computer components. It can process and store digits that forms: text, audio, video, documents,... in to all sorts of files.

The Internet
Websites and e-mails (Hotmail and G-mail are one of the biggest e-mail servers that providing users a free e-mail account).

The Mobile Phone
Smartphone's, like Apple's iPhone, made the Mobile Phone a lot better, it's like a little computer, not much bigger than an mobile phone.

Google and other search engines
Find what your searching for by typing what your looking for.

MSN Messenger
An invention to communicate online with your friends where ever you are.

Facebook Logo
Social network sites keeping your account up to date and see updates of your friends, like photo's and comments.

The biggest online free video clips where everyone can put their video's on.

Little websites that can be made by everyone, it's simple to manage and there's no scripting needed for it.

MP3 is the standard audio format for music on the computer. The files are very small and ideal for thousands of songs on a little portable mp3-player like the iPod from Apple.

Digital Photo Camera
A handy unit to make photo's. See on a little screen what you just pictured. You don't need to develop a paper photo because you can view your photo's on your computer.

Audio-CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray
Something better than old audio and video cassettes. Almost every media can be stored on digital discs. You can put them into units to play this sort of mediums. The capacity of the discs is growing bigger every day, still the physical size of the discs don't changes.

Laptops and Tablet PC's
Portable computers that come very handy if you need to travel al lot.

Buy or sell your stuff over the internet.

Flat screens
Very comfortable screens to see a film on it. There are many sorts of it like LCD, Plasma, LED, ...

GPS (Global Positioning System)
Step in your car turn on your GPS and you are gone. Where ever you want to go, just put on your GPS and it guide you to your destination. It can tell you where you are, how fast you drive and how long it will takes to get on your destination.

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