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Google gears AdSense layout for his Leader Board and Rectangles

Google has announced that in the next few days, changes in the layout of its AdSense ads will roll out. A redesigned layout has to bring a better performance. This was said on the official Google AdSense blog. AdSense Product Manager Amy Wu announced this yesterday.

Initially, the layout of medium and large rectangles, and the leader board changed.

Leader Board (728x90)
The title, description and URL after the update is no longer in a column view, but in addition together.

Rectangles (300x250 and 336x280)
The URL has moved and is now directly behind the title. Previously it was on a separate row below the title and description. Google indicates that in some cases the font is adjusted to the texts easier to read. The changes will be within a few weeks in each country were conducted.

Google AdSense will not be available for some time until the changes has been made in the system, so we have to be a little patient. But when Google’s did testing the redesigned ads it performed extremely well.

You can read more on Google's Inside AdSense Blog

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