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How to use keywords in the right way to get lots of traffic on Google's search machine

Many of you who manage a website wants lots of visitors. Even many of you have heard about keywords? Do you really need good Keywords? The answer is Yes. But. The real question is how do we get lots of traffic by using Keywords? Well everything depends on how your website is displayed in the Google results. How your website will be shown in the Google Results can be optimized to get more traffic. And yes you want massive traffic. So here's a tip that can get your website to the number 1 page in the Google results, with the right Google keywords. To get a good traffic you need to manage your keywords in the right way. And that is exactly what we are going to tell you on the basis of an example.

For example if you have a website about reviewing supercars like this site: Than make sure that you have these two main keywords in your website-address and in your title tags of your website. You can also place them in your meta-keywords an meta-description. If you don't know what your main keywords are well take a look on (Dutch) to check what the most used words in your website are. Another good tool to see which keywords are search the most, is the keyword tool of Google Adwords (you need a Google Account for this).

How to place keywords in an exact order?
Because it goes about supercars the first main keyword will be 'supercars'. So we place it as the first word in the title-tag.
Your second main key-word will be 'review' or 'reviewed'. We place 'reviewed' as second word in the title-tag.
The other words after these 2 main words can be chosen for other things that comes less important in your website or blog.

How people search on the internet.
We don't concentrate us on 1 main keyword because most people search on two words or more.
It's important that people see the main keywords in an exact order like: 'Supercars reviewed'. Because if it was written as 'Reviewed supercars'. People will first see 'reviewed' even if they searched for 'supercars' and not for 'reviewed'. Your website will be displayed lower in the Google search results. People are going to see other websites where the keyword 'supercars' is displayed first and click these websites. And that's why they get more visitors. People don't want to search long for 'supercars' as the second word because it cost time and effort. They don't want to click a few more search result pages further to search your website that is displaying the main keywords in a wrong order. So they pick the website where the word 'supercars' is shown first. More than 90% of the people will click on a website that is shown as first in the search results, because that's the result for what they been searching for.

The 'HOW TO' list for keywords in 3 easy steps to remember.
1. Research your website or blog to decide what your main keywords will be.

2. Use these main keywords in your title tag, meta description, meta keywords and your title that is displayed on your website and in your website address.

3. Make sure your main keywords displayed in the Google results are displayed in the right order.
For example: first main keyword = supercars, second main keyword = reviewed.
Google results has to be shown as: Supercars reviewed more information.
Example of how you shouldn't do: This is a website about reviewed Supercars.

This is how main keywords work in the search results of Google. Many depends on the way how human beings search and find your website.

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Microsoft Windows 8, a 128 bit platform! Is it going to be real or is it just a hype or a rumor?

Windows 7 just arrived in 2010 and the workers of Microsoft are already busy making a better operating system. It will be known as Windows 8, what else did you expect?

128 bit?!
XP was known as a 32 bit operation system, Windows 7 made 64 bit the standard but Microsoft has plans to make the Windows 8 OS a 128 bit platform.
Here for, your computer has to have an 128 bit architecture to manage the data processes. The question is what for CPU it need to drive on. Will it be a single core 128 bit processor or do you need several 64 bit cores. No panic the 128 bit processor already exists.

What does it means in reality?
First you need more RAM Chips. And new software that is 128 bit compatible including Microsoft's own Office. Now a day there is no such a software available for the masses. Software companies has just made their software 64 bit compatible for Windows 7. Another investment for a 128 bit version of their software seems a little too far.

When does Microsoft Windows 8 arrive?
According to some rumors it will be 2012 until we can expect a public beta version. The question is: will the hardware be good enough adapted to the needs of the new OS. Are do we have to reverse the question: will the new OS be ready in 2012? An ex-Microsoft employee said on a French blog: that Windows 8 RTM will be released on Friday, July 1 in 2011. There are no release dates so far for Windows Server 2012 and Office 2012. We hope to test the beta version in 2010.

Presentation about the concept, look and feeling of the new Microsoft Windows 8 OS

African FIFA Worldcup Football 2010 - Spain - Netherlands: 1-0

Spain is the champion in The final cup of the World Cup football in Africa (Johannesburg). Spain scored the decisive goal from Iniesta Andres in the added time and wins the World Cup Football in Africa. Fiesta!!!!

Clash of the Titans 2010 - DVD and Blu-ray release (review)

A Magnificent movie with stunning effects and a story like a Myth right from the old Greece times.
Clash of the Titans 2010 it's now out on DVD and Blu-ray.

Peoples believing in the Gods were became unstable. There for created Zeus an mortal son. Together with some other brave mortals begins a incredible journey to stop the underworld and its monsters from spreading their evil to Earth as well as the heavens. They has to fight against great deadly scorpions, a snake woman cold Medusa and a big monsters from the oceans cold: the kraken.

Definitely a top 10 movie for the year 2010.

Clash Of the Titans 2010 official HD Trailer

36 graden op warmste dag van het jaar 2010 in België, de zomer is er helemaal!

Vandaag 02/07/2010 werd in Kleine Brogel (België) een temperatuur opgemeten van 37 graden. Veel mensen profiteerden volop van de warme temperaturen. Dit zorgde voor kilometers verre files naar de kust. Op festivals werd er gretig gebruik gemaakt van de watervoorziening die voor wat koelte moest zorgen. Naar de avond toe kwamen al onweersbuien aanzetten met de daarbij horende donder, bliksem en stortregen. Er wordt verwacht dat de temperatuur terug tot 36 graden kan oplopen tegen woensdag.

Zonsondergang met zicht op zee - Sunset with seaview

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