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Which 3D program is the best to work with? What are the possibilities of each program - a review.

Rendered 3D text
That's a good question. Well the answer is simple and also complex. It's a deal between how beautiful the output must be, the time you have to spend before the deadline, what part of the public you want to target (gamers, film, cinema, photo's, posters, advertising new projects, civil, particular) and the money you want to spend on it and the software you want to learn to become the picture and what the program can.

AutoCAD by Autodesk
Has many features added and is the most famous drawing software ever, compatible with many programs, subscription available, easiest to learn, not the cheapest but the best.

3D Studio Max by Autodesk
Is the best for 3D rendering, scene rendering, advanced light, materials and rendering tools, you even can render over all the computers in your LAN-network to become that beautiful most realistic picture, many features, not the easiest software to learn and is very expensive to buy.

Do you have FAQ's about 3D programs in this branch or have suggestions or meanings about some 3D programs? Just leave a post on this site. We will answer your questions in a little of time.

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