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Aneroid barometer, meaning (English)

What is an aneroid barometer? - Definition
An aneroid barometer is a metal barometer, with an almost airless box with air pressure. It measures the pressure differences of air. The degree of structure of the box by the surrounding air is possible by using a needle on a distribution. The Barometer works on the principle of series-switched aneroid (vacuum) boxes or capsules (known as jewel case inserts of Vidi). These cases are usually made of phosphor-bronze or beryllium-copper. If air pressure rise than the boxes are more pressed in, the boxes are less pressed by low air pressure. Through a lever system, these changes were transferred to a needle that moves over a scale. Most home barometers are aneroid barometers. In Surveying (barometric elevation) make this system of sophisticated barometers (aneroid Paulin) service to the elevation of different points to be determined. A barometer usually contains mercury, the aneroid barometer contains no mercury. The aneroid barometer is only used for weather forecasts to measure and record.

Other sorts of Aneroid barometers:

Aneroid barometer of Fues
An aneroid barometer with analog indicator, whose sensing element consists of a number of linked, on top of each confirmed vacuum flat boxes (box Vidi) of beryllium. The change in air pressure can be specified by a lever system and is specified by a pointer. The scale ranges from 920-108 (hPa) and is divided into units of 1 hectoPascal (this unit corresponds to the millibar (mbar).

Negretti and Zambra aneroid barometer
Precision aneroid barometer with digital display. This instrument consists of a set of Vidi boxes. The difference with the aneroid barometer Fuess is that the deformation of the Vidi boxes in this case through a complex mechanism delay is enlarged on a scale. Using a stylus the compression of the Vidi-boxes is directed via a pin and a lever transferred to a graduated scale. This barometer responds so smoothly and is also less susceptible to inaccuracies that may occur upon the expiration of the instrument.

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