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10 tips for less stress on your job

A nice job where we feel good at, that's what we all want. But, unfortunately, like for many people stands work synonymous for stress ... Yet, with some simple tricks, you can make your life and work a lot more enjoyable. Definitely try these tips!

You can really make choices as you determine for yourself what your priorities are. A good job is certainly important for many, but do not neglect your family and friends. Try to determine what your priorities are and do not spend too much time doing things outside your priorities.

Nobody can work for 7 days on 7 and 24 hours on 24 hours! Allow time in your schedule to relax and to yourself. Take a walk or a bike ride, or just do nothing. Also try to take some time to relax in the traffic jam or on the train.

Do you really not know where to start? Make a schedule for when and where you have to things. Then make a list of what you have to do. So there is no need to fear to forget something.

Dare to say no! Nobody can take different places at once. We know that it's not always easy, and maybe you have to disappoint people, but say "No" if you cannot comment on a question. You better tell that from the beginning that something will not succeed, then you should quit at the last minute.

Accessibility is the buzzword of our society. But it is not required to be accessible for every second of the day and night. Dare to switch off your cell phone, Blackberry, laptop and other materials if you really do not want to be disturbed. This can often make a lot less stress.

You can lose a lot of time if you can't fully concentrate on your work. If you have the chance to separate yourself at a quiet place to work, then please make use of. You will see that you're much more productive if you are not disturbed by phones and emails.

Also a short walk, even if it's only to coffee the machine can do wonders. Or a chat with a colleague. So you get away from your work and you can think of something else. You will see that you can better concentrate again afterwards.

Is there no end to that pile of work, ask yourself again whether you can get no help from a colleague and ask him. If anyone can help, even if it's only for an hour, the workload can be reduced considerable.

You still made some time for your family or friends, make sure that you are not all the time with your head with your work. You have to relax in your free time. Try yourself to forbid to think on that stressful project. Dare to turn off your cell phone for that.

You have to work during the working hours, the rest of the time you can organize yourself. It is not a requirement to be reachable after your working hours. Even if this is expected from you.

Find a hobby and make sure that you not get bored during the evening. Because if you don't have the chance is great for till checking mails. Sometimes we just forgotten the word 'relaxation' but it is as important as work. There has to be an even relaxation volume against a workload volume. Some persons needs less leisure than the other (perhaps they have a less stressful job). You don't have to do nothing at all. For example, you can watch TV, relax, go to the cinema, go shopping or with friends to the pub or a walk in nature, draw, poem...

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