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Do Nothing at Work and Still Get Paid

Here's how you can do that, it's a little bit tricky but it works, remember you have to be cleaver to solve problems! Just read the 8 steps

1. First you need to work your own to be a good reliable person in the company.
2. Give them the idea you always working hard.
3. Make things done that only you can, do like it's very hard to accomplish it, like fixing a computer problem that nobody of your colleges couldn't fix. and take as many time you need for it, if you can fix it, tell it your boss and enjoy your popularity on the workflow by your colleges.
4. Now you're a 'hero'.
5. Fix problems as many as you can, but don't forget to take as many time you want.
6. Your boss now thinks he need you all the time, and even thinks his company will not work if you aren't around on the workflow.
7. Now you can discus for a better payment because you fixed the problems.
8. Next time you need to fix the same problem, you can do it faster but you don't, because now you gave time over to do nothing while you are being paid, yes paid, for doing nothing, just don't let it look like you're doing nothing. Keep saying it's very hard to fix this problem, while you know the answer for the problem.

The Zeebo game console, a smart and cheap gaming console

An new gaming console called the Zeebo is a smart little console. It's going to be cheap because it is targeted for consumers in developing markets. Games can be downloaded via a 3D wireless connection. The console is also cheap in using energy, it uses only 1 watt of power. The Zeebo can be bought in Brazil and Mexico for a 200 US Dollar. The console will be released in India this year and in China by 2011. There is no release date for the European version of the Zeebo.
The Zeebo, a smart and cheap gaming console

Global warming is increasing! 3% CO2 with each degree more, discovered by a German-Swiss Science team

Burning sun, see view
2010 - Each time the temperature on Earth climbs with 1º, climbs the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air with such a three per cent. This was discovered by a German-Swiss Science team.

Climate changes made by humans brings an additional emissions of greenhouse gases, says professor John Esper of the geographical Institute of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. The global warming of the Earth increase because of this.

Air bubbles
The climate experts, together with the members of the Swiss institute for forest, snow and landscape and the universities of Bern, analyzed the climatic fluctuations over the last few thousand years. The scientists studied air bubbles in the ice of Antarctica and year rings of trees. In this way, the team was able to see how strong the CO2 concentration in the air was influenced by climate fluctuations in the pre-industrial period.

"This climate change disrupts the natural balance of the enormous quantities of carbon in the atmosphere, oceans, and the biosphere", warns the climate experts. Because of this long accumulation of carbon theirs been released extra CO2, that causing further warming feedback. As a result, the effect of CO2 on the temperature trend. Today, the global temperature is 0,3 degree Celsius higher than in the hottest period of the last few thousand years.

Panoramic view of sunbeams true clouds, token in a plane above Brussels.

Avatar overtakes Titanic, the most profitable film ever made

Avatar 3D Poster
The science fiction film 'Avatar' from directed by James Cameron is officially the most profitable film of all times. This has been reported by the dealer of the 20th Century Fox. 'Avatar' does it better than the all other films and even better than the 'Titanic' that stood on number 1 for a long time. But now this has changed, Titanic has been overtaken by 'Avatar'. The film Titanic from the year 1997 was good for 1843 milliard dollar.
In accordance with Paul Degarabedian, box office analyst of the website, can Avatar reach the 2 milliard dollar and above that, it seems inconvincible.

BMW 5 GT, a mix between a Grand Turismo, a break and a 4 doors coupé

The BMW 5 Grand Turismo Concept, a mix between a sedan and a hatchback coupé or break. Read more about this BMW 5 GT on Supercars Reviewed.

De BMW 5 Grand Turismo Concept, een mix tussen een vierdeurs Coupé en een hatchback of break. Lees meer over de BMW 5 GT op Fast and Exotic Supercars.

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